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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 10 - Find Your Mental Mickey

Day 10
Final Third Pep Talk From My Mental Mickey

Kickstalking is starting to work. However, it has to be done with extreme care otherwise I quickly become a car salesman smelling like I hadn't showered for a decade. Not a used car salesman, but a car salesman. We are in the era of Tesla now and people hate being sold to now more than ever. 

Basically, the strategy is this. Imagine walking around wearing a t-shirt that says "Join us on our mission to re-imagining arcade classics" at a video game Kickstarting convention. You don't say a word. You only talk to someone if they talk to you first.  Not easy. But if it works, it really works, one person a time.

One thing that's interesting about people who are familiar with Kickstarter, is they are from the East or West Coast. Right now, many people think we are going to fail. This is because the Kickstarter group is such a niche market, their patterns are somewhat predictable. They only pay attention at the beginning and the end of a campaign. But, you want to ignore these trends. Every hour I don't get a pledge I a panic a little. You should be the same way. You want to spread the message of your campaign and awareness to Kickstarter so it's not tied simply to the predictable pattern of the coasts. There's no reason to have a "slow period" in the campaign. That just means you aren't working hard enough and are waiting for the coast pledgers to swing back in at the end. 

Every hour there is a person out there that would be interested in your campaign if they simply knew about it. You need to find them. Don't buy into the statistics because they don't apply to someone who is doing their first Kickstarter. Anything is possible.

I'm writing this to you because if you are reading this, you are probably thinking about launching your own campaign or you might be in the middle of one. I'm also writing this to me as a personal pep talk to not give up. Finding my mental Mickey from the 1976 classic, Rocky. I'm in the final third, and it's almost time to use all my energy to pound Apollo Creed with thunder and lightening and see if we can convince the judges that we are ready to deliver the best Ghosts 'N Goblins game ever.

Highlights Of The Day:

7:00am. Rob, of the NES video game documentary "The NES Club" gave us a nice shout out on the Retro-Junkies podcast. Thanks Rob! 



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