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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 12 - Welcome To Fight Club.

Day 12

Why Your Wedding Day Is Like Fight Club

"While I do not know much about retro video games, I am a firm believer in helping out someone following their passion. Life is too short.... I would love to donate to your kickstarter. I will also pass this along to anyone I think might be interested. I hope you meet your goal!" - Jenny

Today has been our biggest day when it comes to support from friends. Now, maybe it's because it's payday for a lot of people, but I don't think so. I think it's because I wrote a blog post about my first year in high school and how it reminds me of this campaign. As you can see from Jenny's message, this is about more than the game. This is about people joining us on our mission to achieve a dream. In the OUYA contest, I watched so many videos where it would show 3 minutes of game footage and that was the whole video. The creator thought it was 100% about the game. It reminds me of my 13 years in the music business, where I would go to conventions and musicians would spend the whole time talking about themselves and throw CDs at you. I was on both sides of this. I started out being the annoying musician constantly trying to promote, and learned a lot when I switched and was on the other side of that conversation. They thought it was 100% about the music. Now, like a great game, great music is crucial for success. But what's even more important, is the social element. Many in the OUYA contest didn't get the point of the contest. They hit up their relatives and rich friends for $5k pledges. You only need to convince 10 people in their fifties to take a chance on you and...funded! But, OUYA isn't trying to attract a dozen senior citizens. The money isn't the hard part of the contest, and OUYA actually changed the rules when they realized people were either gaming the system or didn't get the point. The challenge is getting hundreds, and hopefully thousands of people, to be emotionally invested in your project. That's the hard part. A $10 pledge is adult lunch money, but if you ever been asked for $10 from a complete stranger and recoiled, now, YOU'RE THE STRANGER. Congratulations, you are living in the netherworld between what homeless people do and what silicon valley start-ups do. If someone thinks you're a cutting edge entrepreneur, congratulations! If someone gives you the respect of a homeless beggar....Welcome to Fight Club.

The first time I learned this lesson was after reading Fight Club, one of my favorite books. 10% Fight, 90% Club. When Chuck Palahniuk wrote "You DO NOT talk about Fight Club!" he was being completely ironic. He didn't want nobody talking about Fight Club, he wanted everybody talking about Fight Club. Fight Club isn't about a vigilante, it's about building a social network while preaching the end of the social network. It's about religion, political parties, RPG game clubs, support groups, sports fans, and any other clique you can think of. It's about rebelling against the herd by becoming the herd. Brilliant.

I'm a big fan of Synthpop, which is an extremely niche group. I went to a festival in 1996, called Synthstock thrown by Todd Durrant of A Different Drum. One of my favorite bands there was Brave New World, promoting their album Understand (Note: I can't find these guys digitally. So, here's a YouTube 90s dance remix of their track Regret.) I loved their music, and bought their album based on that fact. But the majority of the people bought their music because they turned their show into a party, not because of their music. They actually put a Twister game on the stage, and invited the audience to come up and play during their songs. For awkward teenage boys and girls, nothing breaks the ice like a game of Twister. Then, the band actually threw candy at the audience, like a parade. They were a massive hit, only second to the headliner Anything Box. Why? Because this wasn't just a concert, this was a party!

If you're planning a Kickstarter, remember that nobody cares about your project as much as you. We're going to make the best Ghosts 'N Goblins game in over two decades, because I'm a work-o-holic obsessed with retro gaming and creating quality products. But, that's not why the majority of our backers are backing us. It's not about pre-orders, it's about community. It's about jumping on the train that's going somewhere exciting. Now, because of the OUYA contest likely ending in December, I didn't have the runway to throw a massive retro gaming party to practice what I preach. But, this is just the first three months of a company I plan on running until I die. We are just a baby taking our first steps. But, if you're doing a Kickstarter where time isn't an issue, start planning over the next year. Make your runway as long as possible. Create a three page plan of everything you want to happen during the 30 days of your Kickstarter and what's it going to take to execute during those quick 30 days. Have a wife that was an awesome wedding planner? Have her attack the planning of the project like she did your wedding. If you approach your Kickstarter with the same strategy as a great wedding, you will succeed. What makes a good wedding? Watching a bride and groom yell to the world "Hey world!! No matter what happens, we are devoted to each other forever (or maybe just death Larry David)!!" What makes a great wedding? If it's like Fight Club. A great exclusive party! Alcohol, fighting, soap, and mayhem are optional.

Highlights of the day:

6:32pm. Ever need a tool to keep track of all those great 80s games you didn't have time to play? Check out

Over the years I have collected many video games that I want to beat. Obviously, I'm not the only one with this problem as there are over 100,000 people on a website called Backloggery. Their mission? To provide a free tool for you to create a list of games and the systems they're on that you've always wanted to beat. Then, track your progress as you beat them. *Love* this idea!

12:00am. Got a Demon Package pledge. Incredible! The generosity blows my mind.

Good night!


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