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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 16 - Interviewed by Richard Bliss of Funding The Dream, who I'm a huge fan of!

Day 16

Richard Bliss interviewed me today. Huge fan! Very excited.
Richard Bliss interviewed me today for his Podcast. Huge fan! Very happy about this.

Went to bed at 2:00am so woke up at 6:00am.

6:00am. Woke up to the same number of pledges I went to bed with. I've stuck around 100 backers and can't really figure out why I lost momentum. Hmm. No more bananas left so just Red bull. Just knocked my Red bull over and it spilled all over my mouse. Monday! Now I'm mad I didn't take a picture of it because I need a photo for this post. But, I'm excited it's Monday because even though I've been skipping weekends lately, psychologically it feels like a new week. Thank you veterans for fighting for my freedom so I can spend all day Kickstarting.

Got emailed "You should post your campaign on reddit under games!" My response. "They don't allow Kickstarter campaigns in there games area, but thanks!" It's so amazing how helpful people are with advice. Love it!

I spent almost all day on Facebook yesterday, will it matter? Who knows. It does get people talking however. No immediate pledges but hopefully it will start some chain reactions. 

8:06am. Comment on my KS page if I will take Paypal donations. Not sure what the logic is behind this so I ask. 

Ok, what else can I try to get more backers? Mouse is sticky from Redbull and is annoying. Going to wash it.

8:26am. I have a small and rather dated mailing list from my old publishing company but I'm going to upload it to FanBridge, send out an email, and see if anyone is interested. That reminds me, I forgot to mention FanBridge yesterday. Updated Day 17 so it includes FanBridge

9:00am. Imported 628 contacts. I compose almost anything I write in Microsoft Word and then post it into the "cloud." That way, if a web page freezes, I don't lose my work. I also have a backup of everything I do just in case I need to use it again. 65 of the messages were opened, 61 bounced, and 505 unopened. More proof that Twitter is the main weapon here. Still, everyone counts. One person pledging the "Graveyard Mountain Package" to etch their name in video game history would be huge for the campaign. What if that one person came from my email list?

10:30am. Getting a weird response from Facebook still. "What are you asking from me? Money? I can't figure out how to pledge." I really didn't even want to involve Facebook in my campaign but we are not going to get funded if I don't try everything. I'm contacting Kickstarter right now about this. What would really help is if during the playback of the video, when you hovered over the video, there was a big green "Back This Project" button right in the middle. One-click pledging option like Amazon's one-click shopping option.  Projector creators could have a default pledge of $10 or $25. Kickstarter is great if you actually go to the KS site. But, if you are just watching the video on Facebook, there's only a small "KS" logo in the lower right that most people probably don't even know what it is. Edited the video and re-uploaded it so it explains how to pledge at the end. 

12:24pm. Vuk posted a better contrast version of his bosses here but the KS wasn't launched yet. So, I just reached out to everyone who commented and posted in the thread.

5:00pm. Was interviewed by Richard Bliss for his Funding The Dream Podcast. Goes live on 11/14/2013. Big fan of Richard so very excited to talk to him! He wanted to talk to me because of my "10 Apps For A Successfull Kickstarter" post on this blog. His audience is people like me, just launching their first Kickstarter. I'm one of the few people documenting the process via blog. I'm not expecting any increases in pledges as his audience is people trying to raise money, like me.  But it's so awesome to be a part of a show I'm a major fan of. Richard is the Kickstarter expert!

7:00pm. Placed an order for the surprises coming in a week to help juice the campaign.

11:39pm. Just got warned by a friend about filming in Ogden Cemetery for our KS video.  Funny story: When we were filming the graveyard scenes about 5 minutes into filming a funeral started setting up. Right next to us! Acres and acres empty and we were right next to the location of the funeral. Thankfully we worked quickly and got out of there before the funeral started. Nobody said anything to us. I thought we were going to get kicked out.

1:08am. Paid Vuk via Paypal for his work and asked him to start on some in-game art. The level? Skull Caverns!



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