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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 19


The Universe Screams:

The universe has been screaming with this project which is why I am pushing so hard with the 20 hour tweeting schedule. I think destiny whispers and screams, but it’s the execution of these thoughts that are the most important. 

Here are the 10 things that have happened over the past two months that makes me think this is my opportunity. 

1) I found out about the OUYA contest the same month that it launched. Just because I was thinking about it and Googled OUYA. 

2) After I decided my focus was going to be remaking classic arcade games, I had to find a game where I could have the opportunity to get the license. Nobody wrote me back, except Capcom, about remaking my favorite arcade game, Ghosts ‘N Goblins. The hottest chick in highschool is also the nicest! 

3) Spending 13 years publishing music, I know how important a dedicated URL is. I was thinking of names and I thought, “there is no way is available.” It wasn’t. It was in AUCTION with GoDaddy (my provider) as I was looking for names. After 13 years, whomever owned it didn’t renew it. 7 days left on the auction, and there was only one other bidder. I got it for $30! 

4) I started assembling a team, and the enthusiasm was incredible about “reimagining classic arcade games for future generations.” I didn’t even mention which game and I already had 40 people wanting to work for me, 4 people wanting to move across state, and graduates and interns were contacting me. People are excited about remaking arcade classics.

5) The Kickstarter launches and suddenly a guy who I’ve been a major fan of for years, with decades of experience in the media industry, wants to take me out to lunch. We go out to lunch and the chemistry is fantastic. People from everywhere are reaching out helping me improve the Kickstarter page. A guy by the name of @Asavarserkul comes out of nowhere and drastically helps me improve my KS page for almost a week and pledges for a Silver King Arthur. The community that supports this idea is awesome.

6) The NES Club filmmaker Rob McCallum has a sister who lives near me and he wants to interview the Phantasm Team for the film. No matter what the outcome of the Kickstarter.

7) Another video game documentary wants to interview the team but the project hasn’t been officially announced yet.

9) Nintendo Life said they want to interview me.

10) Brian Thompson tells me to create this blog. I do it, immediately. He tells me to put it on Reddit. I created an edited version, and do that instantly.

All this has happened over the past two months (5-10 happened over the past 10 days) because of the massive enthusiasm from the retro gaming crowd, and relationships I have built over the decades. People are excited and their enthusiasm about remaking arcade games is like a shot of adrenaline. 

I find these 10 “Universe Screaming” items incredibly inspiring. But there is no way I’m going to sit back and wait for destiny and see if we get magically funded. In my opinion, this is just a crack in the door in the sky. If I don’t knock the door off its hinges with a sledge hammer, tweet 20 hours a day and talk to anyone online who will listen, the pledges will stop, and the project will never exist. Kickstarter is all or nothing and getting five thousand $10 pledges is getting a pledge every 10 minutes over the period of a campaign. Every hour we don't get a pledge, I push even harder online.

Kickstarter is like a wrench, it’s a tool in the garage. Without devoting every hour I have to it over the course of the campaign, it’s going to fail. 

Tomorrow’s update will be a lot shorter. Just wanted to give you some back story. Thanks for reading!


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