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Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 20:

2 hours ago. “i love the 20 hours on twitter for 20 days thing you're doing! is that for real? if so, have you blogged about it?” says social media expert Brian Thompson. as I’m talking to him on Facebook. I’m using it all, Twitter, Facebook, message forums, phone calls, emails, you name it.
I tell Brian yes it's real, but no, haven't blogged about it. But he’s brilliant, and thank you Brian! I’m on it! Warning, when I’m tied to a computer for 20 hours a day, my brain gets numb. This may show in my writing (I’m drinking a Red Bull right now to stay awake). 

The universe screams again.

When I started this journey, I asked my wife for the next 30 days if she could act like a single mom. We have a baby and a toddler. She said yes and since then, I’ve chained myself to my computer, and have been  promoting and tweeting from 5:00am-1:00am, every day. Four hours of sleep, repeat. For our Kickstarter to be successful, I need to never stop talking. When I stop tweeting, the pledges stop. I learned this lesson in a day but quickly fixed it thanks to Kickstarter guru Richard Bliss.If you have ever thought about running a Kickstarter, listen to all of his advice first. 

The blog is born!

So, I immediately register domain name, create an account with blogger, and edit CNAMES and A RECORDS on GoDaddy. I created a header graphic for the site using Photoshop, and here I am typing my first blog about the experience that is Kickstarter from a creator’s point of you. I have been in the computer industry for 20 years professionally starting with Prodigy, and have been a freelance network admin for 13 years while at the same time running a music publishing company. All of these skills are the only reason I even knew Brian and whipped up a dedicated website in 2 hours. 

Some backstory:

I am ten days into my first Kickstarter on a company, Phantasm Studios, that was started August 23rd 2013. I started my first company, Liquid Records in 2000, right around Napster, and for 13 years I have been a fish trying to swim upstream. I tried everything from winning a slot on the Japanese version of Public Enemy’s Revolverlution as a bonus track (Dimension Zero redu), publishing great industrial acts like Mozart Khadaffi, to attempting to land work scoring under the name Destroy The Evidence. When I started using Taxi a few years ago, a decent movie/game/tv placement could bring in $50,000 if you could land it. In August, I got an email for an opportunity that was paying $100. I’ve been watching the race to the bottom for 13 years and I was finished. That was it. So, what next?

A Gave Development Contest Is Announced: 

I was thinking about what my next move would be. I wished I thought of the OUYA console which was just an idea a year ago and now available at Gamestop after raising 8.5 million on Kickstarter. This is from a women who had never been in the console business, and had a background of game publishing. I was searching to find out the latest news on OUYA, and came across the OUYA started a contest where they would split a million amongst all developers who could successfully fund a Kickstarter and then launch a game. I noticed a major interest in the OUYA from the retro crowd, and thought a big hit would be to reimagine a classic arcade game. The retro fans play games on emulators, many which are pirated. Why is this? Why is Nintendo the only company properly developing their franchises? *BOOM* I found a void. The universe was whispering and over the next two months I was off to the races before the contest funds run out. I think they will be out in December as games are raising $100,000+. That’s less than 10 games! So, I needed to start a company fast, with a focused mission, build a team, and start game pre-development.


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