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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 7 - OUYA vs. Kickstarter

Day 7
Kickstarter success, 50%. OUYA success? Less than 10%

The majority of people have been cheering me on in the "David wants to work for Goliath" story. I'm getting so many "Don't give up!" and "Sell your idea to them for a million dollars!" followed by "Kick some ass I know you will overcome this obstacle and will laugh at it down the road!" This is why I'm here. Because retro-gamers are awesome. People who were complete strangers a month ago feel like the greatest friends right now. We are obsessed with the golden age of video games and stick together. The community here is incredible and embracing, and I'm not leaving. I'm just getting started. This movement is much bigger than Ghosts 'N Goblins. The children of the 80s are taking the reigns, and we aren't going to let die what made the 80s incredible. It's just a matter of who is going to come with us on this journey.

I was certain the OUYA Free The Games contest would be over in December. Since they are "only" giving out a million dollars, that's only ten games raising $100,000. There has been a lot of games raising $70,000-$100,000 in the contest. However, OUYA changed the rules where you have to have 100 backers for every $10,000 raised. That's the hard part. Currently, there are only two winners, and dozens of games have failed. Not because of funding, but because of backers. Today, OUYA finally added a "Successful Projects" section. I was keeping track mentally before but since the rules changed during the contest it was hard to know who won, who lost, and how much money was left. Hopefully they will post a "Remaining Funds" area too. I love this contest because nobody has done this before, so of course it's going to evolve. The last project I was watching was Speed Rush, and they raised $70,000 on Kickstarter which means they succeeded on Kickstarter, but failed the OUYA contest. They only had 200 backers, so that means they were 500 short! That is massive. They basically had their rich friends and family save them at the end. But, OUYA knows this, which is why they aren't in the "Successful Projects" area. The OUYA contest isn't about money, it's about building a community. 

Getting 700 backers is insanely hard. I didn't realize this when I started. I had to stay wired to my computer for 20 hours a day just to get 160 backers. I was going for 5,000 backers! A backer every ten minutes. HA! I was so naive. Just the amount of exhaustion and stress on my family (since I was jacked into the Matrix) to get 160 backers is insane. Of course, with a year of planning followed by a massive 30 day attack I think it can be done. Because of the contest, I only gave myself three months, not nearly enough time. Runway is too short. Also, I finally realized the majority of Kickstarter backers are Twitter users. If they don't use twitter, you have to explain Kickstarter to them and....good luck! Twitter users understand Kickstarter culture and that is crucial. Do you know 700 active twitter users that are interested in your project? If not, you better have a lot of rich friends and family and don't count on a double-backing from OUYA.  I recently heard about a family that actually setup a laptop on their demo/promotion table at a convention. They would walk people through backing them on Kickstarter. That's a great idea. 

Highlights Of The Day

2:00ish: My youngest called me "Dada" for the first time today. By far the most important event during this entire campaign. 

9:00pm. My oldest did his first Bill Cosby impression and it was awesome.

Good to be unplugged from the Matrix.



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