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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 14 - Mmmmmmmmmm SPAM (Homer voice)

Day 14

I'm a major fan of VAST and they just released two EPS. Check out their "Works in Progress 1-4" if you have heard all their previous material. If you have never heard of them, start out with their first album, Visual Auditory Sensory Theater. Love listening to all the new music while I market...I mean SPAM people. I try not to spam, and I hate it when I'm viewed as a spammer. But marketing to new people is exactly that, spam. When physical mail comes from someone you love it's exciting! When it's from a new company asking you for money, it's junk mail. Thankfully, I'm fully invested in this project and love it. So, when spamming turns into a nice introduction where you talk about your favorite retro video games, it's awesome. When someone swears at you, blocks you, and reports you, not so much. "Piss off you @#%*) Troll!"

That happened today and Twitter temporarily suspended my primary twitter account for Phantasm Studios. When you read this, you probably won't even notice as it's supposed to be back online tomorrow.

(UPDATE: 11/14/2013 - 1:52pm)

Twitter didn't give me a speeding ticket, but gave me a warning. They said to SLOW DOWN, you're going 200 MPH. So, they unfroze the account, and I'm going to drive the speed limit.

Of course perfect timing since my interview with Richard Bliss is going live tomorrow and I'm right in the middle of my Kickstarter campaign. "Tread Lightly" - Heisenberg. What I'm doing is following people and talking to them. I'm not DMing them saying "Go to" over and over. But, here is the main challenge for your first Kickstarter. When you're new, you have to prove yourself to everyone, and nobody wants to talk to you. It's like going door-to-door 20 hours a day. "Hi! Can I interested you in some Ginsu knives?" Some neighborhoods are nice, others you get shot. The good news is, as you pay your dues this process will get easier. If you have a big, legit following on Twitter you can get funded your first day because everyone knows about you and loves you! The bad news is, for every pledge you get for your first Kickstarter, you will probably have to talk to a hundred people until someone likes your smile. Except they can't see your smile. Door-to-door is probably easier because people view you as a real person instead of a robot. This is exhausting, and being a spammer is no fun. It's a delicate balance to build followers and talk to them, and make sure not to spam them.

Highlights of today:

7:00am. @Philip is helping us by uploading our artwork to various sites on the Internet like Deviant Art. He even wrote his own pitch and ran it by me in the comments area. The retro gaming community is so cool.

7:30am. Spoke with the creator of the Game Over TV series, a TV show about 5 employees working a t a video game story. He says his show hasn't been picked up yet. I ask him if he spoke with Netflix or Hulu about his show. I've seen a lot of niche retro gaming programming on Hulu. Twitter is awesome.

1:00pm. Electronic Arts software engineer Evan Bell gave Ghosts 'N Goblins a shout out on his Facebook page. Why? Because I went to High school with him (we were in the same journalism class writing for the Northridge High school paper). Then, both went to the University Of Utah at the same time in Computer Science to learn C++.  Evan is a guy I highly respect so a shout-out from him means a lot. If you've ever played Star Wars: The Old Republic, or the Hulk you've played his work.



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